How to Remove Unwanted Backlinks from blog

Getting Unwanted backlinks to your Blog that has taking your Ranking down then you can get rid of the unwanted backlinks.What this spam backlinks can do ?.They can Down your rank in google and in Alexa.Who generate this spam backlinks the people who dont want to get high traffic for you.Your compititors etc.This spam create Negetive SEO and Completely Down your rank in google.


So first Check your site backlinks using tools like this is free but shows only limited backlinks.
A great but it is premium that is tool this will show you the enter blacklinks and you can also download them directly to your PC.
Now we are Removing this backlinks using a Google Official tool called Disavow.
This tool will allow us to Remove unwanted blacklinks from the Indexing in google as our Backlink.
Now Create a Text File and add all the links in it .If you want to Completely remove a Domain links from further attack then add this.
This will Completely remove the blacklink from further indexing.
Now Upload it to here in the webmaster.


Now Upload your text file and Click Disavow link.This is not a over night process it take some time 2 Days to 25 Days in Between.