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How to transfer files from PC to Windows Phone

For you to copy and transfer files from your computer to your  Windows Phone, you must have installed a program called Zune. It is free, and the installer is available for download at this link . After installation, run the program.  The concept of interface has some similarity with iTunes, which you already know. The files are sorted by categories

I still have Windows XP installed on my PC. And now?

After 12 years, the version of the most popular operating system market will stop receiving updates from the company in charge of its development. On Tuesday (08), was the date on which Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. The strip-doubt technology column has proven alternatives updates and also how to migrate to a newer version of Windows, but

Everything you need to know about Windows Phone 8.1

During another edition of Build, Microsoft’s annual conference geared toward developers, the company officially introduced Windows Phone 8.1. The slight increase in the version number might suggest otherwise, but there are numerous news: at various points, we can consider this an even bigger change than during the transition from Windows Phone 7.5 to 8.0. Among the

Still using Windows XP? It’s time to change

Windows XP is getting his penultimate package updates and bug fixes.  The last package has already marked the date: April 8. After that, no more update for the system, which means that security breaches will open, allowing any user vulnerable. Can not wait anymore:. Those still using XP need to change There are several arguments to stay on