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And if it were possible to recharge the battery of your smartphone in less than a minute? This charger makes it

The batteries are of smartphones with ever greater capacity, but the internal components also spend more time each energy, then the autonomy of devices rarely passes a day. How to solve this problem? Maybe StoreDot, a startup in Israel, has found a good solution: they developed a charger capable of raising the battery from under 30% to

DirectX 12 is official: better performance and broad compatibility are the highlights

As expected, Microsoft took the GDC 2014 to reveal details awaited DirectX 12 , the newest version of its popular set of graphics APIs. The main novelties are the performance up to 50% higher than the DirectX 11 and optimization of energy consumption, while maintaining backwards compatibility that includes current devices. As regards the first aspect, one of the most

Netflix’s CEO defends net neutrality and criticizes Comcast

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, said that internet service providers should provide proper network connections to free content companies. The executive took the opportunity to criticize the U.S. provider of Comcast access to support weaker rules Internet traffic. After consumers complain of the slowness in the service, Netflix struck a deal in February to pay