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3 best TV in 2014

The picture quality is still important to buy TV now and 2014 witnessed an explosion of LED and OLED technology LCD TV, Plasma phasing. Plasma display technology is highly appreciated for visibility, image slide show gradual “extinction”. Panasonic, the manufacturer with the best Plasma TV and high-level statement also stop making this product line. This

Best new computers in 2014

New iMac screen ultra sharp 5K, Alienware Area 51 for gaming, 4K and Yoga 3 Pro with the ability to rotate the flexible folding models are very noticeable in the Best new computers end of 2014. Design is not “in touch” with Apple’s impressive thinness combined with a 5K resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels

Jibo, a domestic robot that wants to be part of your family

Robots are present in assembly lines for cars, maritime explorations in advanced surgical centers and so on. But what if they could take up space in your house as a domestic assistant for entertainment and chores? Believe me, this is the proposal of Jibo, friendly and impressive robot that seeks funding Indiegogo . The Jibo has a clean, friendly