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Google launches new Gmail security system against NSA

The Google announced on Thursday (20) new security measures for e-mails sent to and stored by Gmail. The company says that a new connection type (secure HTTPS) with the aim of preventing the messages can be accessed from intelligence the U.S. government systems. Gmail uses HTTPS encryption since 2010 and constantly make improvements to protect users.The new secure

Google and Facebook dominate advertising on mobile devices

Revenue from advertising on mobile devices doubled in 2013, reaching U.S. $ 17.9 billion, driven by Facebook and Google , announced on Wednesday (19) consultancy eMarketer. The forecast is strong gains this year. The company reported that the ad spend on mobile platforms grew by 105% last year, according to estimates, should creser 75% in 2014, reaching $

Chromecast arrives in Europe and Canada

Eight months after the United States, Europe and Canada receive on Wednesday (19) the Chromecast, a small adapter that transfers video content online portable apparatus for television. After the launch in July 2013 in the United States, arrives Chromecast now Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Canada. A TV with