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How to Build a Chrome Extension for your Blog

Google chrome is the most widely use browser, and building a chrome extension will help you to get more visitors, they can check for new articles published on your website via the extension. Below is a screenshot of the extensions look, when you will click on the icon it will show the latest post from the blog

How to enable Adsense Wire transfer for Indian publishers

Few days back Adsense started there beta testing for wire transfer in India, so every publisher can be there beta tester and enjoy wire transfer.  If you would like to receive this update on your account now, apply a “self-hold” to your payments.  You can find this feature within the “payment settings” options.  Adsense will  upgrade

Learn how to use Google Now on Mac and PC

Now Google can already be used on PCs and Macs! Before the service was restricted intelligent notifications to mobile devices, but since Monday (24) users who want to have the most this functionality can now use it on their personal computers. Through personal assistant, you can automatically receive notifications Shaped Cards on commitments, results of the football