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Chrome 64-bit for Windows arrives in beta version

Two months after being released as experimental software in the Dev channel and Canary, the first 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows reached the beta stage. The novelty is available for any user who uses the 7:08 versions of the operating system (since 64-bit, obviously). Unlike the Canary version, the beta 64-bit Chrome can not coexist with

Google in Real Time Motion Infographic

Google! Need I say/write any more? Prior to the late 90′s none of us had heard of Google, now it as though our world wide web searches are all but in their hands. As of 2007, the company has estimated to run a million servers around the world, with about 24 petabytes of “user generated

Questions and answers about the end of Orkut

Although Orkut has ceased to be the most popular social network in the internet, in Brazil it has the largest number of active users in the world. And after the announcement of the closure of its activities to September 30, many questions arised about the topic. Read below for questions sent in by readers. System