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Facebook will invest in drones to expand internet access

The Facebook negotiates the purchase of the Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones as they are more commonly called) that will be used to create internet networks in regions without access to the network, says site specializing in the technology sector “TechCrunch”. According to the website, the most used social

Facebook closes email “” service

Facebook said discreetly on Monday (24) the end of their service emails, a bet launched in 2010 as a “modern messaging system”, but after four years, ended up being a failure. The news was confirmed to technology news “Re / code” a spokesperson for the social network acknowledged that the change was made because “most

Facebook changes privacy rules of dead users

The Facebook will not limit who can see the pages of user who died or were transformed into memorial. Until now, these pages become tributes to deceased friends and relatives could only viewable by friends. The change Facebook privacy settings will keep the page left by the user who died, ie, only friends can view it or everyone