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Turkey rejects Facebook and YouTube take down for recordings

The President of Turkey , Abdullah Gul, ruled on Friday (7) any suspension to Facebook and YouTube after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan threatened to ban them in an attempt to prevent political opponents anonymously disclose recordings that allegedly reveal cases of corruption and other irregularities on the part of his inner circle. In the most recent recording,

How to Avoid Hackers and Spam on Facebook

I have seen lots of people who get hacked/spammed by virus aka viral script. Here are few steps to safe yourself from it- 1. Use of “HTTPS” in Facebook You should always browse Facebook using HTTPS as it blocks random malware/virus Go to setting tab>Security>tick on secure browsing then save! 2. Use of “Login Notifications” You

Facebook simplifies News Feed in new update

The Facebook launched this Thursday (6) an update of the News Feed, where updates from friends and pages you follow appear. The social network opted to simplify the page, which looks like a mobile version of the site. There is more space for photos, which are larger, new fonts (Helvetica and Arial) and new stories cards – where the

Annoyed by unlimited tags on Facebook ?

It feels so annoying when someone tags you in a random photo and flood your notification box, but you can restrict any friend of yours on Facebook to mention you. To do this, you must configure activity log – click on the gear icon located at the top right and then in the “Activity Log”